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If you've never practised recovering from your 24 words, it's a good idea to do it, much like using a "totem". (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

If you've never practised recovering from your 24 words, it's a good idea to do it, much like using a submitted by ASICmachine to CryptoCurrencyClassic [link] [comments]

Since the financial crisis, the Fed has truly practised monetary fraud. The U.S. central bank has literally printed nearly $4.5 trillion in funds to buy bonds (assets) from the major banks. Bitcoin represents honest money, not manipulated paper!

Since the financial crisis, the Fed has truly practised monetary fraud. The U.S. central bank has literally printed nearly $4.5 trillion in funds to buy bonds (assets) from the major banks. Bitcoin represents honest money, not manipulated paper! submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Inequality has skyrocketed due to practises beginning with the Federal Reserve. They have flipped capitalism upside down into feudalism, money manipulated has squeezed middle class almost obsolete. Innovation in money is needed #bitcoin

Inequality has skyrocketed due to practises beginning with the Federal Reserve. They have flipped capitalism upside down into feudalism, money manipulated has squeezed middle class almost obsolete. Innovation in money is needed #bitcoin submitted by HiIAMCaptainObvious to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

[Lightning]- 5 minutes Guide to practise transactions on testnet /r/Bitcoin

[Lightning]- 5 minutes Guide to practise transactions on testnet /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

CoinTrainer - Android App to practise buying and selling Bitcoin /r/BitcoinBeginners

CoinTrainer - Android App to practise buying and selling Bitcoin /BitcoinBeginners submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

What is best practise for storing btc? /r/Bitcoin

What is best practise for storing btc? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Issues with practising restoring my Electrum wallet /r/Bitcoin

Issues with practising restoring my Electrum wallet /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin has already attained 40th position when it comes to the M2 money supply of countries!

Bitcoin has already attained 40th position when it comes to the M2 money supply of countries! submitted by nivishoes to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Putting bitcoin multi-signature into practise: Cosign Coin - Articles

Putting bitcoin multi-signature into practise: Cosign Coin - Articles submitted by freee101 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bluzelle the home for dapps.

Building dapps from ground up @BluzelleHQ shares practises and also experience relating to dapp development and database Management, Bluzelle all the way #Bluzelle $BLZ @BluzelleHQ #altcoins #bitcoins #cryptocurrencies #cryptotrading #dapps.
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Austrian vs. Keynesian Schools of Thought

I am learning a bit by bit about economics. However, I have a specific bias where I come from (I am interested in Bitcoin), and thus it distorts my view. However again, I try to be skeptical, ask questions and above all be critical. Hence I am here.
So, as far as I have understood, the current system where we live (in the 'WEIRD' [Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, And Democratic] countries) is pretty much working under the Keynesian way of dealing with economy.
My questions are:
  1. Why hasn't Austrian economics taken off? Or has it?
  2. How does Austrian economics view Bitcoin (from an objective point of view)?
  3. Can there be a mix of Austrian and a mix of Keynesian (whatever that would mean)?
  4. Is Austrian economics merely a 'devil's advocate' or can it actually work IN PRACTISE?
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Project Infinity accusations - Response

To get this out of the way from the beginning: Yes I am a part of the Project Infinity Staff team, but listen up, please at least read this post without being biased.
Some accusations are totally true, like Aeru not paying the Staff team or trying to avoid PayPal bans. But those are no shady practises. These are totally normal things for a cheat provider to do. Every single cheat provider is breaking PayPal's TOS by selling cheats. Most providers don't pay their staff, its voluntarily in the end. At PI the staff gets some presents on holidays or when admins feel like giving something out. Now, those were the only 2 things that were actually ever proven in this post.
Going over to the Singularity part, it is true that there was some beef going on between Aeru and l0wD, but the way Hades puts it isn't really right. Aeru didn't "hack" any accounts, it was actually Hades who fucked up some parts of Singularity. As this is almost 2 years old by now I sadly have no proof to back this claim up, you will have to decide on which side you believe.
There is no proof of Project Infinity being a paste and I think our coder u/Requiiii will be more than happy to provide you with enough information on cheat development. I've been seeing this claim being thrown around a lot, but I never actually saw any proof backing those claims up.
Same goes for the Bitcoin Miner part, Hades says there was a Bitcoin Miner in Project-Infinity, with no proof as always.
Also regarding the Staff team, as HOS at Project Infinity I would know if people were just randomly kicked in the past as I am responsible for that. Every single kick was justified in some way, be it inactivity or just not getting along with the other Staff members and searching for trouble.
Going over to the payments that Youtubers promoting the software receive, obviously, Youtubers with a certain reach won't just promote your upcoming software for free. This should be quite obvious, Project Infinity does sponsored reviews and cheating videos in general, but the Youtubers never get some kind of script that tells them what exactly to say, they still have their own will on what to say.
Also, just if someone is curious why the OP of the Project Infinity post got banned, he doxxed Aeru at the end of the post, which is a rule violation of Rule 11.

TLDR; Hades got kicked out of the team for being inactive and constantly kicking / banning people without a reason. He tried to get staff members to join his upcoming project:
He is angry at Aeru for kicking him out and is now spreading misinformation to harm the project.
If anyone needs more proof, just let me know. There will obviously not be proof for everything due to a lot of deleted Discord accounts due to their TOS, but I will do my best to clear this whole situation up.

edit: changed the wording in the Singularity part.
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Thanks MRP/ASKMRP, you fixed a man, and a marriage, although i no longer want the marriage.

130 lbs. 5’0” BF 14% (Navy) 38 old
Squat: 230 x5, OHP: 108 x5, Rows: 124 x5, Bench: 141 x5, Deadlift: 245 x5.
MMSLP, WISNIFG, NMMNG, Rollo Best of year 1,2, 16COP, BOPook, TWOTSM, Bang, RationalMale, SGM, BP professored man group/ryan stone/rollo youtube videos, Huge amounts MRP/ASKMRP posts
Together for 12 married for 10, wife 33, kids 4 and 8.
This post is to say thank you to this community for the help you provided me, it truly is a goldmine of information, the hard work of putting it all together and laid out ready to follow is much appreciated. Also this post is for my own reference in future, for comparison for others and for any comments anyone would like to make.
What happened.......
15-16 months ago i got the ILYBNILWY speach. I knew this was really bad as I had some red pill knowledge. I discovered David Deangello and RSD back in my early 20s, and did a bootcamp with RSD Ozzie. However most of what i learned was all about cold approach pickup, nothing about long term relationships/hypergamy, lifting etc, but I knew about shit tests, oneitis, being non-needy, OI, just game stuff really. It got me from incel to a few dates and lays to the wife who was the first one who was super into me, sex every day etc.
So I did some searching online about the ILYBNILWY and found Athol Kay and then MRP/AskMRP. I knew instantly the info here was legit due to past knowledge, so began lifting and reading the sidebar as fast as a could. I started focusing on the shit tests she would throw which almost alawys came in the morning whilst getting ready for work, STFU and AA were weird at first but i just kept thinking dont DEER, and that automatically lead to STFU.
After ILYBNILWY she wouldn't kiss me and no sex, she gradually started responding to my efforts though and wanted to cuddle in bed again and would kiss me as we used to, But then almost exactly a year ago, I found out she had been having an affair, it went on for about 4 months and ended a few weeks before I found out.
What gave it away..........
What gave it away was the ILYBNILWY speach, then little sex, wouldnt even kiss(peck) me leaving the house, said she 'could' sleep with others and still maintain relationship and would i sleep with other girls if she said i could (covert talk). She was calling me shit head disrespectfully a lot and talking about divorce a fair bit. She panicked when i wanted to use her phone camera and started the camera for me instead of letting me do it, waxed her vagina for first time, started getting nails and hair done regularly and asked for anal out of the blue (just before the ILYBNILWY). This was the one that got me to check her phone secrelty, after listening to Rollo and Donovan Sharp saying women do this to practice for the alpha.
I took her phone when she was asleep and exported all the SMS messages and it was clear what was going on.
What I did........................
Initially i bluffed about not being sure of what to do, I told her family to give her a consequence and told her if anything else happens its immediately over. After the ILYBNILWY speach i started lifting and reading the sidebar as fast as i could. I couldnt believe that even though i thought i was enlightened to women compared to most, there was still so much i didnt know. After a couple of months of doing callisthenics, bought a barbell, squat rack and a bench, started stronglifts 5x5 and saw huge progress. I continued to focus on shit tests andI then started playing football (soccer) with friends again once a week like I used to and started going out for beers with them again, something i stopped doing when the kids were born. I took every chance to lead, doing housework, cleaning, aranging kids birthday parties, buying christmas presents, what to do on the weekends etc.
Over the last year, half my wardrobe has been replaced with newer, nicer clothing, my old stuff was old and worn and started good grooming habits that I long since stopped doing. When ive been out with friends ive been practising cold approach pickup and Im also just starting to learn guitar and my first karate class is next month.
Ive been stashing bitcoin and gold/silver bought with cash as much as i can without it being noticed, so its all unknown by her and off the books, also read up on divorce proceedings and divorce strategy.
Ive now read a huge amount of material, done stronglifts5x5, madcow 5x5 and customised madcow 5x10 variant, not missed more than 2 days training since i started. I look and dress much better, smell better, and im in the best shape ive ever been by far. Im far bigger, stronger than ever and my 6-pack is just now starting to look good as im currently cutting. I have a strong sense of mission, to experience and get good at everything i have ability to and im enjoying life again like i havent for years.
How she responded................
Initially after finding out about the affair, i was initiating about 3-4 times a week, and although she would have sex it felt obligated and forced and she would complain a lot about what i was doing, saying shes not enjoying it etc, the frequency was 1-2 times a week with 1-2 turn downs. Her general attitude was improving and shit testing was slowly getting less and softer, less aggressive. She initially would say you doing weights now in a grump, i would just say yes and carry on, but that subsided as time went on, now its just what i do. Then she started giving me complements about my body, touching, having better sex, less turn downs and then saying she loves me again, I say it back using the 2/3rds rule.
It was a mixed bag, lots of improvements but the real turning point happend when we were at the beach late last summer with her sister, i had my top off and her sister commented on how my body looked hot. Things then improved further very noticeably.
This continued until now where I rarely get denied sex, its about 75% starfish 25% active participation, she often will wear lingerie when i ask, anal sometimes, in different locations, recorded a time with a camera, and she never even did those things even when first met. Sex frequency is about 3-4 times per week, and her horneyness is 100% linked to her menstrual cycle. The 1000ft rope has pulled a little, she has tried dieting twice over the last 3 months. She says she loves cuddling at night me more than anything, follows my lead when cleaning house, shit tests less frequent and softer, generally more pleasant to be around, less stressed, less lazy, better to the kids, and she says she loves me all the time.
Initially i had no plan to leave, i bluffed to her that couldn't decide what to do but deep down i was never going to leave due to the kids, I value my kids tremendously, above all else. Whilst being a blue pill beta, her lazyness and complaining about how difficult the kids were, I would take it upon myself to take all work away from her to make happy. So i gradually dropped my own hobbies, friends, etc so i could look after the kids at all times, do everything so she could relax, do what she wanted thinking this made me a good husband. It made my kids even more everything to me, i was either at work or with the kids, that was my life.
Now i still put my kids at the top, in the grand scheme of life im will accommodate my life heavily for a few years for them by staying so as to have full involvement and time with them whilst they are young. So i will keep reading, lifting (it just what i do now, i cant believe im 38 and never realised how much difference this makes for women), dressing well, gaming on nights out and leading. The marriage is better than it has been since the honeymoon period but ultimately I dont want it anymore, Ive lost my trust and respect for her. The wife goggles are off and i can see shes jsut a mostly lazy, HB5, not a great mother who drinks too much.She has tried losing weight recently but fails after a week or 2, I think she just doesnt have it in her to lose any significant amount of weight. The thought of financially supporting her when kids are older and left home is abhorrent to me. The constant question that comes to mind is 'what value does she add to my life and what is the cost to my life for that'
My plan is to stick to my MAP above for a few years, become the best man i can, enjoy my kids living with me 7 days a week until they are a little older and more independent so as to lessen the affect of only seeing them 50% of the week (about 3 years when they are 7 and 11) then start having fun with hookers as that has a low chance of getting caught (Did it once already soon after i found out about the affair for revenge). If i get caught no worries, we split, i see them regularly still and i wont affect our relationship too much as they are a bit older. If i dont get caught a few years after that when they are both 10+, i up and leave anyway and hopefully take the kids with me and hit the dating scene as the best man I can be.
When i contemplate the last year, i think its sad that the world is like this, every single mum in the playground picking up their kid has a corresponding man with a similar story no doubt, and every kid from a broken home (and there a a LOT) has a degraded father relationship as a result, but i digress. Im looking forward to what lies ahead of me, i now feel like im living a life rather than just existing, with purpose and direction.
Thanks for reading, hope it helps someone, and now i must continue my path.
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An analysis on Penguin Magic user reviews

To practise some programming, I made an analysis of the user reviews left on penguin magic. I thought you could be interested in some of the results. It made me check a lot of products that I did not know about.
I excluded the reviews for expos and gift cards to analyse only physical items and tricks. I investigated only the items with at least one review. I combined items as Penguin did. This left me with 87761 reviews for 11318 items.
50 Most Reviewed Items
Item Rating Review Count
Born to Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman 4.87 556
Invisible Deck 4.70 506
Self Tying Shoelace by Jay Noblezada 4.74 373
Melt 2.0 by Matthew Johnson 4.65 348
Marked Cards 4.67 344
The Stealth Pen presented by Rick Lax 4.73 327
Coffee Break by Gregory Wilson David Gripenwaldt 4.65 320
Torched and Restored by Brent Braun 4.83 252
All Seeing Eye by Dan Harlan 4.75 244
The Poker Test 2.0 by Erik Casey 4.44 236
Binary Code by Rick Lax 4.78 236
The End by Rick Lax 4.64 225
Starcle by Dan Harlan 4.85 220
OneTrix by Mario Lopez 4.50 214
Close-Up Illusion by Larry Jennings presented by Michael Ammar 4.70 206
Hummes Whirling Card 4.36 195
Two Dollar Window by Jay Noblezada 4.80 191
GREED Starring Daniel Garcia 4.54 190
Modern Transportation by David Regal 4.88 187
Vuja De by Rick Lax 4.78 181
DRESSCODE by Calen Morelli 4.75 181
Predixion by Max Maven 4.89 178
Color Monte 4.87 173
The Secrets of Magic by Rick Lax 4.67 173
In the Beginning There Were Coins Starring Jay Noblezada 4.76 170
Panic by Aaron Fisher 4.77 168
Or Not by Dani DaOrtiz 4.74 165
Bicycle Elite Edition Playing Cards 4.72 165
Super Soft Deluxe Nest of Wallets 2.0 by Nick Einhorn and Alan Wong 4.66 162
Tornado by Justin Flom and Rick Lax 4.82 161
BWave DELUXE by Max Maven 4.84 160
Bently by Chris Hanowell 3.60 159
Binary Code 2 by Rick Lax 4.88 159
Copycat by David Parr 4.88 157
BITCOIN by Rick Lax 4.57 157
Muldoon Match by Paul Gordon 4.77 156
ID7 by Rick Lax 4.37 155
Monkey in the Middle by Bill Goldman presented by Magick Balay 4.76 154
Little Door by Roddy McGhie 4.61 153
SPONGE Starring Jay Noblezada 4.80 152
Eclipse by Dave Loosley 4.60 152
Peter Turner LIVE 4.52 152
Position Impossible by Brent Braun 4.83 150
Clutch by Oz Pearlman 4.67 144
Zoltar by Shaun Dunn presented by Lewis Le Val 4.38 144
BANDIT by Darryl Davis & Daryl Williams (a.k.a. The Other Brothers) 4.80 144
The Known by Thom Peterson 4.47 143
The Ultimate Three Domino Monte 4.14 143
Psypher PRO by Robert Smith 4.73 142
Mnemonica Trainer by Rick Lax 4.81 141
25 5 Star (5*) Items
There are a lot of (3245 to be precise) items that received only perfect 5* reviews. But of course, that could be only one reviewer giving 5* and that would not mean a lot. The following table shows most reviewed yet still rated 5* items.
Item Rating Review Count
Diamond Jim Tyler LIVE 5.00 73
Carisa Hendrix LIVE ACTS 5.00 52
David Corsaro LIVE 5.00 30
Halloween by Natalia Silva 5.00 29
Howard Hamburg LIVE 5.00 25
Daniel Chard LIVE ACT 5.00 22
Sibyl by Phedon Bilek 5.00 21
Ian Rowland LIVE ACT 5.00 16
John (Fast Jack) Farrell LIVE 5.00 16
Morgan and West LIVE 5.00 16
Red Pill by Chris Ramsay 5.00 16
Jay Noblezada presents HTG LIVE: Hypnosis Training Group 5.00 16
NX11 :: The Noblezada Experience 5.00 16
QA Masterclass by Bob Cassidy 5.00 16
Takamiz Usui LIVE 5.00 15
Venom Cube by Henry Harrius 5.00 15
Move Zero (Vol 1) by John Bannon and Big Blind Media 5.00 15
Tom Wright LIVE 5.00 15
TC Tahoe LIVE 5.00 15
Jonathan Pendragon LIVE 5.00 15
Jan Forster LIVE ACT 5.00 14
13 Steps To Mentalism (6 DVDs) by Richard Osterlind 5.00 14
Jermays Mind (DVD Set) by Luke Jermay 5.00 14
Phoenix Deck 5.00 14
Tarbell 77: X-Ray Eyes and Blindfold Effects 5.00 14
50 Top Rated Items
I'll list the top-rated items. I'll include only the items that have at least 20 reviews. (This leaves us with 995 items to order).
Item Rating Review Count
Diamond Jim Tyler LIVE 5.00 73
Carisa Hendrix LIVE ACTS 5.00 52
David Corsaro LIVE 5.00 30
Halloween by Natalia Silva 5.00 29
Howard Hamburg LIVE 5.00 25
Daniel Chard LIVE ACT 5.00 22
Sibyl by Phedon Bilek 5.00 21
Diamond Jim Tyler LIVE 2 4.98 56
David Williamson LIVE 4.98 109
Drew Backenstoss LIVE ACT 4.98 83
Jay Scott Berry LIVE 4.97 37
David Hira LIVE 4.97 67
Toibox Card To Box System by Jonathan Kamm 4.97 133
Jason England LIVE 4.97 33
Dyno by Joe Rindfleisch 4.96 27
Paul Gordon LIVE 4.96 27
Roberto Giobbi LIVE 4.96 25
SvenPad® Minis Black Cover Pair 4.96 24
Mark Mason LIVE 4.96 23
Marc Paul LIVE ACT 4.96 23
Joshua Jay LIVE 4.96 23
Brent Braun LIVE 4.95 22
Seth Kramer LIVE ACT 4.95 21
Robert Temple LIVE 4.95 20
Bandwidth by Greg Wilson 4.95 37
Stegosaurus by Phill Smith 4.94 49
TRIUMPH Starring Oz Pearlman 4.94 31
Banachek LIVE 4.93 59
Fiber Optics Extended by Richard Sanders 4.93 29
Name and Place by Bob Cassidy 4.93 71
The Special Assortment Deck 4.93 28
Cody Fisher LIVE ACT 4.92 26
Blank Face Bicycle Deck 4.92 26
Richard Osterlind LIVE 2: Pocket Mentalism 4.92 38
Scratch by Chad Long 4.92 24
Caught Red-Handed by Michael Mode & Arthur Ottney 4.92 24
Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo 4.91 46
Dave Loosley LIVE 4.91 23
Mark James LIVE 4.91 22
Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz 4.91 22
Acrobatic Knot (with DVD) by Daryl 4.91 22
DMC ELITES : ROUGE marked deck 4.91 22
Shin Lim LIVE: Visual Magic. 4.90 21
Tornado REFILL 4.90 31
CLEAR CHOICE by Thinking Paradox 4.90 81
Choose Five for 99 4.90 79
True Triumph by Paul Cummins 4.90 29
Eugene Burger LIVE 4.89 57
Predixion by Max Maven 4.89 178
Bill Malone LIVE 4.89 36
25 Least Liked Items
Following table shows the 25 items that have the worst ratings and at least 10 reviews.
Item Rating Review Count
Phantom by Peter Eggink 1.44 16
RETRIEVE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Smagic Productions 1.56 16
Penciltration by Jesse Feinberg 1.70 10
Force of Will by Dave Hooper - DVD 1.71 17
Phone Phreak by Jeff Prace & Paul Harris 1.81 16
PK Coin by Nathan Kranzo 2.11 28
POST_NOTE By Antonio Smith-Plata 2.24 17
Never There by Morgan Strebler - DVD 2.29 14
Spirit by Arnel Renegado 2.33 12
The Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum 2.39 36
The Incredible Shrinking Finger by Dan Hauss (Additional handling by Paul Harris) 2.40 10
The Wizards Flip Book 2.41 17
Phone-omenon by Doug McKenzie 2.44 16
Elevator by Peter Loughran 2.47 15
BLAZE by Thinking Paradox 2.53 19
Ambitious Finger by Mario Lopez 2.53 53
Absolute Zero (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by SansMinds 2.53 15
Cheese Smile by Smagic Productions 2.55 11
Liquid Metal 2 by Morgan Strebler 2.57 14
Sealed by Menny Lindenfeld 2.57 61
GREEN FACES by Dalton Wayne 2.58 12
Ice Cold: Propless Mentalism (2 DVD Set) Limited Edition by Morgan Strebler and SansMinds - DVD 2.58 12
Nathan Kranzo LIVE 3 2.60 10
Jay Sankeys ORIGINAL Wrap It Up! (Trick Only) 2.62 21
Sharp This by Vanishing Inc 2.64 11
30 Most Controversial Items
I tried to measure controversiality with a ranking system. If all the reviewers gave the same rating for an item, then the controversiality is calculated as 0%. And the most divided option, where half of the reviewers rate an item 1* while the other half reviews it 5*, is rated as 100% controversiality. Here are the most controversial items with at least 10 reviews:

Item Rating Review Count Controversiality %
HACAAN 3.07 27 92.46
Chris Mayhew LIVE 2.94 16 90.63
Sharp This by Vanishing Inc 2.64 11 89.26
Justin Miller LIVE 3.05 22 88.64
CARD IN THE KEYCHAIN by Stefano Curci 3.20 10 88.00
Cut 2.0 LIMITED by Ran Pink 2.88 16 86.72
P'INK by Ran Pink 2.88 82 84.62
Ice Cold: Propless Mentalism (2 DVD Set) Limited Edition by Morgan Strebler and SansMinds - DVD 2.58 12 84.03
Winner's Dice (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Secret Factory 3.38 13 84.02
Stained Glass by Adam Grace 3.10 10 84.00
Joe Monti LIVE 3.36 14 82.14
Elevator by Peter Loughran 2.47 15 81.33
Strongman by Jimmy Strange 2.88 16 81.25
GREEN FACES by Dalton Wayne 2.58 12 80.56
iMove by Oliver Smith 2.67 12 80.56
Jay Sankey's GEMINI POUCH (Trick Only) 3.45 11 80.17
Nathan Kranzo LIVE 3 2.60 10 80.00
Titan's Finger by Titanas 3.63 16 79.69
vACAANt by Area52 3.42 24 78.13
Triple C (Red Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Christian Engblom 3.70 10 78.00
The Switch by Shin Lim 3.67 18 77.78
Memoria by Luke Jermay (Instant Download) 3.64 11 77.69
Rudy Hunter's Total Control with Cards 3.77 13 77.51
Phone-omenon by Doug McKenzie 2.44 16 77.34
SansMinds Sharpie (DVD and Gimmick) by Will Tsai 3.00 13 76.92
Derren Brown LIVE 2.74 105 76.87
Hidden Hand by Sean Fields 2.84 51 76.62
Harlan's No Tape, No Glue, No Scissors, 20-second Setup Torn & Restored Newspaper 2.76 17 75.78
Darryl Vanamburg's "Black Widow" 3.77 13 75.74
Absolute Zero (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by SansMinds 2.53 15 75.56
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Best Scalping Platforms and Insturments for Comission Fees

hello everyone
i am practising my 1 minute chart trading patterns. it seems like i can be long term profitable according to my risk reward. (also i need to improve many things)

my main target is generally %0.10 when i trade and bitcoin comission is already %0.075
if i use 100x leverage on a %0.10 target, will i earn %10 gain minus %0.075 or just %2.5 gain after leverage?
also which insturments can i scalp for low comission fees? can i scalp on Robin hood?
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Best Scalping Insturments for Comission Fees

hello everyone
i am practising my 1 minute chart trading patterns. it seems like i can be long term profitable according to my risk reward. (also i need to improve many things)
my main target is generally %0.10 when i trade and bitcoin comission is already %0.075
if i use 100x leverage on a %0.10 target, will i earn %10 gain minus %0.075 or just %2.5 gain after leverage?
also which insturments can i scalp for low comission fees? can i scalp on RH?
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The Intellectual Foundation of Bitcoin比特幣的智識基礎. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The Intellectual Foundation of Bitcoin比特幣的智識基礎. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews
Summary: Bitcoin was invented by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto as recently as 2008, but it is backed up by a rich intellectual foundation. For instance, The 1776 First Amendment separates church and state, and contemporary American liberation psychologist Nozomi Hayase (2020) argues that money and state should similarly be separated. Just as Isaac Newton’s study of alchemy gave rise to the international gold standard, so has the anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto's desire for a “modernized gold standard” given rise to Bitcoin. Indeed, Bloomberg's 2020 report confirms Bitcoin to be gold 2.0. Montesquieu (1774) asserted that laws that secure inalienable rights can only be found in Nature, and the natural laws employed in Bitcoin include its consensus algorithm and the three natural laws of economics (self-interest, competition, and supply and demand). J.S. Mill (1859) preferred free markets to those controlled by governments. Ludwig von Mises (1951) argued against the hazards of fiat currency, urging for a return to the gold standard. Friedrich Hayek (1984) suggested people to invent a sly way to take money back from the hands of the government. Milton Friedman (1994) called for FED to be replaced by an automatic system and predicted the coming of a reliable e-cash. James Buchanan (1988) advocated a monetary constitution to constrain the governmental power of money creation. Tim May (1997) the cypherpunk proclaimed that restricting digital cash impinges on free speech, and envisioned a stateless digital form of money that is uncensorable. The Tofflers (2006) pictured a non-monetary economy. In 2016, UCLA Professor of Finance Bhagwan Chowdhry even nominated Satoshi for a Nobel Prize.
Full Text:
Separation between money and state
The 1791 First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution enshrines free speech and separates church and state, but not money and state. "Under the First Amendment, individuals’ right to create, choose their own money and transact freely was not recognized as a part of freedom of expression that needs to be protected," Japanese-American liberation psychologist Nozomi Hayase (2020) points out (1).
The government, banks and corporations collude together to encroach upon people's liberties by metamorphosing their inalienable rights into a permissioned from of legal rights. Fiat currencies function as a medium of manipulation, indulging big business to generate market monopolies. "Freedom of expression has become further stifled through economic censorship and financial blockage enacted by payment processing companies like Visa and MasterCard," to borrow Hayase's (2020) words.
Satoshi is a Modern Newton
Although most famous for discovering the law of gravity, Isaac Newton was also a practising alchemist. He never managed to turn lead into gold, but he did find a way to transmute silver into gold. In 1717, Newton announced in a report that, based on his studies, one gold guinea coin weighed 21 shillings. Just as Isaac Newton’s study of alchemy gave rise to the international gold standard, so has the desire for a “modernized gold standard” given rise to Bitcoin. "In a way, Satoshi is a modern Newton. They both believed trust is best placed in the unchangeable facets of our economy. Beneath this belief is the assumption that each individual is their own best master," as put by Jon Creasy (2019) (2).
J.S. Mill: free markets preferable to those controlled by governments
John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) the great English philosopher would be a Bitcoiner were he still around today. In On Liberty (1859), Mill concludes that free markets are preferable to those controlled by governments. He argues that economies function best when left to their own devices. Therefore, government intervention, though theoretically permissible, would be counterproductive. Bitcoin is precisely decentralized or uncontrolled by the government, unconfiscatable, permissonless, and disinflationary. Bitcoin regulates itself spontaneously via the ordinary operations of the system. "Rules are enforced without applying any external pressure," in Hayase's (2020) words.
Ludwig von Mises (1958): Liberty is always Freedom from the Government
In The Free Market and its Enemies, theoretical Austrian School economist Ludwig von Mises (1951) argues against the hazards of fiat currency, urging for a return to the gold standard. “A fiat money system cannot go on forever and must one day come to an end,” Von Mises states. The solution is a return to the gold standard, "the only standard which makes the determination of the purchasing power of money independent of the changing ideas of political parties, governments, and pressure groups" under present conditions. Interestingly, this is also one of the key structural attributes of Bitcoin, the world’s first, global, peer-to-peer, decentralized value transfer network.
Actually, Bloomberg's 2020 report on Bitcoin confirms that it is gold 2.0. (3)
Von Mises prefers the price of gold to be determined according to the contemporaneous market conditions. The bitcoin price is, of course, determined across the various global online exchanges, in real-time. There is no central authority setting a spot price for gold after the which the market value is settled on among the traders during the day.
Hayek: Monopoly on Currency should End
Austrian-British Nobel laureate Friedrich Hayek’s theory in his 1976 work, Denationalization of Money, was that not only would the currency monopoly be taken away from the government, but that the monopoly on currency itself should end with multiple alternative currencies competing for acceptance by consumers, in order "to prevent the bouts of acute inflation and deflation which have played the world for the past 60 years." He forcefully argues that if there is no free competition between different currencies within any nation, then there will be no free market. Bitcoin is, again, decentralized, and many other cryptocurrencies have tried to compete with it, though in vain.
In a recently rediscovered video clip from 1984, Hayek actually suggested people to invent a cunning way to take money out of the hands of the government:- “I don’t believe we shall ever have a good money again before we take the thing out of the hands of government, that is, we can’t take them violently out of the hands of government, all we can do is by some sly roundabout way introduce something they can’t stop” (4). Reviewing those words 36 years hence and it is difficult not to interpret them in the light of Bitcoin.
Milton Friedman Called for FED to be Replaced by an Automatic System
Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman (1994) was critical of the Federal Reserve due to its poor performance and felt it should be abolished (5). Friedman (1999) believed that the Federal Reserve System should ultimately be replaced with a computer program, which makes us think of the computer code governing Bitcoin (6).[\]( He (1970) favored a system that would automatically buy and sell securities in response to changes in the money supply. This, he argued, would put a lid on inflation, setting spending and investment decisions on a surer footing (7). Bitcoin is exactly disflationary as its maximum possible supply is 21 million and its block reward or production rate is halved every four years.
Friedman passed away before the coming of bitcoin, but he lived long enough to see the Internet’s spectacular rise throughout the 1990s. “I think that the Internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government," said Friedman in a 1999 interview with NTU/F. On the same occasion, he sort of predicted the emergence of Bitcoin, "The one thing that’s missing, but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash, a method whereby on the Internet you can transfer funds from A to B, without A knowing B or B knowing A." (8)
Of course, Friedman didnt predict the block chain, summed up American libertarian economist Jeffery Tucker (2014). “But he was hoping for a trustless system. He saw the need. (9).
Bitcoin Computer Code as Constitution in the Buchananian Sense
American economist cum Nobel laureate James Buchanan (1988) advocates constitutional constraints on the governmental power to create money (10). Buchanan distinguishes a managed monetary system—a system “that embodies the instrumental use of price-level predictability as a norm of policy”—from an automatic monetary system, “which does not, at any stage, involve the absolute price level” (Buchanan 1962, 164–65). Leaning toward the latter, Buchanan argues that automatic systems are characterized by an organization “of the institutions of private decision-making in such a way that the desired monetary predictability will emerge spontaneously from the ordinary operations of the system” (Buchanan 1962, 164). Again, "Bitcoin regulates itself through the spontaneous force of nature, flourishing healthy price discovery and competition in the best interest of everyone" (Hayase 2020).
Shruti Rajagopalan (2018) argues that the computer code governing how the sundry nodes/computers within the Bitcoin network interact with one another is a kind of monetary constitution in the Buchananian sense. One of Buchanan's greatest inputs is to differentiate the choice of rules from the choice within rule (Buchanan 1990). One may regard the Bitcoin code as a sort of constitution and "the Bitcoin network engaging in both the choice of rules and choice within rules" (Rajagopalan 2018) (11).
Tim May: Restricting Digital Cash may Impinge on Free Speech
Cypherpunks are activists who since the 1980s have advocated global use of strong cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies as a route to social and political liberation. Tim May (Timothy C. May [1951-2018]), one of the influential cypherpunks published The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto in September 1992, which foretold the coming of Bitcoin (12). Cypherpunks began envisioning a stateless digital form of money that cannot be censored and their collaborative pursuit created a movement akin to the 18th Enlightenment.
At The 7th Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy, Burlingame, CA. in 1997, Tim May equated money with speech, and argued that restricting digital cash may impinge on free speech, for spending money is often a matter of communicating orders to others, to transfer funds, to release funds, etc. In fact, most financial instruments are contracts or orders, instead of physical specie or banknotes (13).
Montesquieu: Laws that secure inalienable rights can only be found in Nature
In his influential work The Spirit of Laws (1748), Montesquieu wrote, “Laws ... are derived from the nature of things … Law, like mathematics, has its objective structure, which no arbitrary whim can alter". Similarly, once a block is added to the end of the Bitcoin blockchain, it is almost impossible to go back and alter the contents of the block, unless every single block after it on the blockchain is altered, too.
Cypherpunks knew that whereas alienable rights that are bestowed by law can be deprived by legislation, inalienable rights are not to be created but can be discovered by reason. Thus, laws that secure inalienable rights cannot be created by humankind but can be found in nature.
The natural laws employed in Bitcoin to enshrine the inalienable monetary right of every human being include its consensus algorithm, and the three natural laws of economics (self-interest, competition, and supply and demand) as identified by Adam Smith, father of modern economics.
Regarding mathematics, bitcoin mining is performed by high-powered computers that solve complex computational math problems. When computers solve these complex math problems on the Bitcoin network, they produce new bitcoin. And by solving computational math problems, bitcoin miners make the Bitcoin payment network trustworthy and secure, by verifying its transaction information.
Regarding economic laws, in accordance with the principle of game theory to generate fairness, miners take part in an open competition. Lining up self-interests of all in a network, with a vigilant balance of risk and rewards, rules are put in force sans the application of any exterior pressure. "Bitcoin regulates itself through the spontaneous force of nature, flourishing healthy price discovery and competition in the best interest of everyone," to borrow the words of Hayase (2020).
A Non-monetary Economy as Visualized by the Tofflers
In their book, Revolutionary Wealth (2006), futurists Alvin Toffler and his wife Heidi Toffler toy with the concept of a world sans money, raising a third kind of economic transaction that is neither one-on-one barter nor monetary exchange. In the end, they settle on the idea that the newer non-monetary economy will exist shoulder-to-shoulder with the monetary sector in the short term, although the latter may eventually be eclipsed by the former in the long run. What both the Tofflers' The Third Wave (1980) and Revolutionary Wealth bring into question is the very premise of monetary exchange. The vacuum left over by cash in such a non-monetary economy may be filled up by Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency.
Satoshi Nakamoto Nominated for Nobel Prize by UCLA Finance Prof.
UCLA Anderson School Professor of Finance Bhagwan Chowdhry nominated Satoshi Nakamoto for the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics on the following grounds:-
It is secure, relying on almost unbreakable cryptographic code, can be divided into millions of smaller sub-units, and can be transferred securely and nearly instantaneously from one person to any other person in the world with access to internet bypassing governments, central banks and financial intermediaries such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or commercial banks eliminating time delays and transactions costs.... Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Protocol has spawned exciting innovations in the FinTech space by showing how many financial contracts — not just currencies — can be digitized, securely verified and stored, and transferred instantaneously from one party to another (14).
Fb link:
Web link:
Disclaimer: This article is neither an advertisement nor professional financial advice.
Pic credit: Framingbitcoin
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How they fleece you

I like the credit card debt. The interest is from 20% to 80%, reflecting the real cost of risk and, the time preference, and the money devaluation (but see below for money unit creation). Some people don't pay back, some do. It increases in volume slightly, but it is not galloping, so some pay back, and the issuer can have an average profit. They lend money and hope that the debtor can and wants to pay back.
Most loans are regulated some way. Like student loans - the debtor has not shown any capacity to pay back, still they are given to everybody. Clearly, the risk is paid for by someone else, and that could be you! The same with mortgages, the state is heavily involved. The low interest rate is the result of money creation, and it distorts all calculations, to their benefit, not yours.
All interest today can be regarded as usury - because it is not earned money they lend out, the lender does not defer their spending of rightfully earned money. Most is created by fractional reserve banking, a practise that was made legal a couple of hundred years ago, before that, it was regarded as a crime. When it came to light among the bankers in Venezia, the depositors got furious and broke the bankers bench, they literally went bankrupt, their bank/bench was left in pieces in the agora. This is all hidden, and the initial scam is the central bank: A broke banker colluded with the broke state, the broke banker lent nonexisting money to the state on the condition that the state deposited the same nonexisting money in the bank. Now the bank had reserves, and could start taking deposits, and lending out to the public. From nothing.
Now the state/bankers depend on perpetuating this. The money unit number has to increase all the time. It is not to your advantage, it is for the purpose of the bankers. They need the ability to create more units, by writing a higher number on their own account and multiplying it with fractional reserve. Bitcoin puts a stop to this, because you can not write that higher number into your own account.
But they have gold! Well do they huh? With every failed state we see that there is no gold. The only reason for a state to have gold, is for the fallen leaders to run away with a bar or two when they are chased out of the place.
Do they facilitate payments in an efficient way to the benefit of the customers? Well they have clumsy systems, and since there are infighting, we have different fiats. It is almost impossible for the user to see all the hidden costs. The spread in exchange for instance. One way to look at it, is the size of the world profits that is in banking. It is somewhere between 20% and 30% of all value creation. We have miniscule city states that do nothing more than finance, and they are the most prosperous places.
So getting hold of a few coins and relax knowing that you have something in reserve for a rainy day, that is not stealing from future adopter, it is not unfair, that is how money should work, and did work, before the fiats.
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DogData Founded in 2017

ETHBNT #ETHBN #Dog_welfare #Dog_Breeding #DogData #IEO #blockchain #crypto #bitcoin #etherum

DogData Founded in 2017 with the aim of building a P2p platform responsible for Dog ownership & management, helping dogs long term and improving now Dog welfare practises worldwide.
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[ 🎶 Thinking Cap ] This post is framed around results of cypher-based queries for the number 1234 against my custom lexicon files built up over a year of phrase inputs (mostly gleaned from newspaper headlines and their 'quoted phrases', or stream of conciousness inspired by them). There are not very many, but the few there are appear to be instructive. I have used some repetition to aid those with trouble remembering numbers. Perhaps NSFW. (For the confused: see here, here and here)
If you are brand new to this collection of scrolls, I recommend reading (as much as you can of) this before returning here, which will help to justify my particular focus below (the belt).
Did you gnow A=1?
There are 26 letters in the English-Latin Alphabet.
The basic alphabetic gematria code acknowledges that A=1, B=2, C=3, ..., Z=26 (ie. ordinal gematria).
In this basic alphabetic cypher (which is implied if I do not specify):
If you flip the numeric ordering about (ie. look in the mirror: treat 'Z' as 1, down to 'A' as 26), then...
This ("The ABC") is the name of the earliest alphabet primer textbooks for kids.
The first church primers paralleled the introduction of school textbooks known as “the ABC”
The Alphabet is a vessel for messages:
If, instead of the basic alphabetic ordinal cyphers above, we use another cypher some call Agrippa's Key, and some call the 'jewish cipher', which is based on the ancient Hebrew and Greek gematria charts, and maps that scheme to the Latin Alphabet, we can ask a catch-phrase question (written more formally than usual)
What's in a name?
Here we move beyond the three steps of ABC and arrive at the Door of Dalet. Behind it, if we have the write keys, we might discover...
The results of...
Itself the result of...
... of the Masters of the Ages.
Or not.
Many folks shun numbers:
  • "Obnoxious" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... ("number" = 73 = "crazy" ... but "perfect" = "count" = 73)
  • "The Great Learning" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Great Knowledge" = 449 primes (*) )
  • ... ( .. ... "Mental Contact" = 449 primes )
  • ... ( .. .. "Population" = 449 primes )
  • "Silence is Golden" = 449 primes (ie. Hush in the Library)
  • "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Forbidden Word" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. .. ( "Silence is Golden" = 449 primes )
  • "My Call of Duty" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. ... .. "What is in a name?" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Silent Warrior" = 1234 english-extended
  • ... ( "Rain" = 322 trigonal ) ( "Number" = 73 alphabetic; "Jake" = "Bard" = 73 primes )
  • ... ( .. "Counting" = 322 trigonal ) ( "Count" = 73 = "Perfect" = "Number" )
  • ... ( .. "To Know" = 322 trigonal ) ( "The Mind" = 73 = "Count" = "Number" )
  • ... ( .. "The Proof" = 322 trigonal )
  • ... ( .. .. "Final Proof" = 322 jewish-latin-agrippa )
Genesis 3:22 (KJV Bible)
And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
  • "To Know" = 322 primes
  • "A Magic Number" = 322 primes
  • .. .. ... "Magician" = 322 trigonal
Make it ...
  • "Rain" = 322 trigonal
... for the ...
  • "Girl" = 322 trigonal
Thor and Jane meet again:
  • "Full Name" = 322 jewish-latin-agrippa (ie. Count it! ... but you are fool to reveal it)
  • ... .. .. ( "What is in a name?" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • .. .. ... ( ... )
  • . .. ... "Counting" = 322 primes
  • ... .. "Count" = 393 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. . "Accurate" = 393 primes
  • . "Accountancy" = 393 primes
  • "Counting" = 322 primes
  • "Full Name" = 322 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "A Magic Number" = 322 primes )
  • "What is in a name?" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. .. "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal
The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge...
  • "Great Knowledge" = 449 primes
  • "Sex Education" = 449 primes
  • ... ( building "Population" = 449 primes )
...And they knew they were naked (ie. eyes opened):
  • "Shame On You" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... "The First Day" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... .. .. "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal
  • "Sex Education" = 1337 english-extended (ie. Elite codes)
  • "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. .. "The Great Learning" = 1234 trigonal
  • .. .. ... "A Great Work" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Speak Loud and Clear" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... .. "Water out!" = 1234 trigonal (ie. 'The Number' ~= 'Pregnant' ~= 'A Baby')
  • ... .. .. "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal (ie. spell-casting -> spillage -> spoil it)
Serpents, and Tower of Babylon:
  • "What is in a name?" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "The Unpatchable Code" = 1234 trigonal (DNA code; written language, (relatively) hard to change)
  • ... .. .. "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal
  • .. .. ... "The One Source" = 1234 trigonal
  • .. .. ... .. "The Duration of One Year" = 1234 jewish-latin-agripa
  • ... .. .. ... .. "The Source" = 365 primes (ie. days in a year, solar orbit)
ie. Matrix Code - Mother Code Pregnancy Procedure and Cascading Responsibility.
  • "My little Pony" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
If you're lucky:
  • "Birth of Twins" = 1234 english-extended
ie. quantum-entanglement: you cannot give birth to your first alphabetic Son, a strong boy named Aleph, and deny he is '1'. You cannot have your second child, a beautiful maiden, Beth, and deny she is '2'.
Animals on the ark 2 by 2. You cannot order the alphabet, and deny the letters have ordinal indexes (ie. numbers associated with them - significant others)
  • "Boat" = 123 primes
To travel down...
  • "Denial" = 123 primes as easy as ABC.
Again, many folks shun numbers:
Obstetrics is the field of study concentrated on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. As a medical specialty, obstetrics is combined with gynaecology under the discipline known as obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) which is a surgical field.
  • "Obnoxious" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... "The Number" = 333 primes
  • ... "Unspeakable" = 333 primes
  • ... "The Unspeakable Number" = 666 primes
  • .
  • "Counting" = 322 primes
  • "Magician" = 322 trigonal
  • ... "Magician" = 156 primes
  • ... "Apple" = 156 primes
  • ... ( the 156th prime number is 911 )
  • ... ( ... "Divine Feminine" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ( ... "She is a Beauty" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ( ... "Sexy Girl" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ( "The Last Proof of Life After Death" = 911 primes )
I have a spell-matching feature that can cross-match multiple cypher results and return the 'closest frequency matches' of all the spells I've ever entered into my gematria tools. At the time of writing the lexicon file is half a megabyte in size (plain text) and contains 37,694 words and phrases.
When I ask for the spellings that most closely match: "live forever", I get the following three results as top matches:
  • 'white liquid', 'into the girl', and 'the dilution' (with 8+ cypher matches)
There are a lot of flowery symbolic or metaphorical phrases that it could have returned, but it seems the Heptapods are rather blunt.
  • "Divine Feminine" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. "Sexy Girl" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa
Revelation 9:11 King James Version (KJV):
And they had a king [41] over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon [41] , but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.
This is perhaps a dual - the Abaddon is both Father Beast (and Lord of the Harem, perhaps, given the plural 'them') and the Beastly Progeny (ie. King and Prince):
  • "Pregnant" = 333 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "The Temple" = 333 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "A Baby" = 333 trigonal
The angelic little baby, retrieved from the bottomless pit, is the apple of mommy and daddy's eyes (even though it is very naughty, ruling over their lives for many years after his or her noxious retrieval from the Underworld).
"I wonder why?" = 474 primes ( "Accountancy" = 393 primes )
  • "Numerology" = 474 primes
  • "Great Pattern" = 474 primes
  • "Object of Lust" = 474 primes ( "Deny Nature" = 419 primes )
  • "The Devil, Woman" = 474 primes (ie. Beauty and the Beast)
  • .
  • ... "The Number" = 333 primes
  • ... .. .. "A Baby" = 333 trigonal
  • "The Great Emergence" = 474 primes
  • "Population" = 449 primes
  • ... "Sex Education" = 449 primes
  • .. .. .. "Surveillance" = 449 primes
  • ("A Pornographic" = 616 englist-extended [ie. "Number" = 616 trigonal ] )
  • ("Pornographica" = 616 eng-ext [ie. "Perfect Number" = 616 jewish-latin-agrippa ] )
  • ... ("The Law" = 616 trigonal )
  • ... ("Garden of Eden" = 616 trigonal )
  • .
  • "To Know" = 322 primes
You cannot unsee it:
  • "Girl" = 322 trigonal <---- pornographic numeric hieroglyph
To each there own:
  • "Tradition" = 393 jewish-latin-agripa
  • "The Perfect Woman" = 1,393 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Tradition" = 393 jewish-latin-agripa
  • ... "Count" = 393 jewish-latin-agripa
  • .. .. ... "Accountancy" = 393 primes
Occult Alphabet = English Alphabet = Statistics
  • "Figures Reveal..." = 1234 trigonal
  • .... "Liberal Party" = 1234 trigonal
  • Q: .. "What Rules?" = 1234 english-extendedd
  • A: .. "Just Sign Here"* = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
The closest multi-cypher spectrum match against dictionary files (as described here), to the spell "One Thing" is:
  • "enduring" (with 9+ matches)
  • "Tradition" = 393 jewish-latin-agripa
  • ... "Survive" = 393 primes
  • ... .. .."Greyhound race" = 1234 trigonal
  • .. .. ... ... "The Rat Race" = 314 primes (ie. pi; commute in circles)
  • "Great Place" = 1234 square
Viva Las Vegas (ie. V.L.V ):
777 (ie. to win at slots):
  • "A Triple-Seven" = 1234 trigonal | 2,322 squares
The Boeing 777 is a premiere passenger aircraft.
The Boeing 787 is called the Dreamliner (ie "The Call" = 787 squares ... of Morpheus)
The Boeing 747 is Old Faithful, the Jumbo Jet of Time
Air Force One is a 747
  • "Air Force" = 223 primes
  • "Winds" = 223 primes
  • "Goddess" = 223 primes
  • ... "The Law" = 223 primes
  • ... "Air Force" = 223 primes
  • "Winds" = 223 primes
  • .
  • "The Law" = "Goddess" = 223 primes
She steps on "The Scale" = 223 primes ...
...and hopes she is ...
  • "Weightless" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
From an old Alphabet Primer:
... He that ne'er learns his ABC,
... For ever will a Blockhead be.
... But he that learns these Letters fair,
... Shall have a Coach to take the Air.
Are you ready, Icarus?
  • "This is the deal" = 139 = "Occult Alphabet"
  • ... "Competition" = 139 = "Pyramid scheme" = "Ancient Egypt"
Mirror Mirror, upon the wall, who is the Pharaoh over all?
Extra credit:
Read about the taming of Enkidu, in the myth of Gilgamesh:
  • "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal
  • "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Great Knowledge" = 449 primes
  • ... "Sex Education" = 449 primes | 1337 english-extended
  • ... .. .. "Prostitute" = 1234 english-extended
  • .. .. ... .. "Carnival Row" = 1234 english-extended
  • ... .. .. "Prostitute" = 1234 english-extended
  • .. .. ... ... "Presidential Golf Course" = 1234 english-extended
  • "One, Two, Three, and Four" = 227 basic alphabetic (the 'and' was for ... metrical reasons.)
  • ... ( "The Emergence" = 722 trigonal ... ie. pi and reverse pi; circles)
Q: ?
  • "A: The Emergence" = 314 primes (ie. classic Amorican pi)
  • "A: The Emergence" = 1337 squares (ie. "sex education" = 1337 english-extended)
  • "The Alphabetical Epidemic" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... "Not entirely true(?)" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
Enregisterment is often partially, rather than completely, true, sort of like an accent viewed through a funhouse mirror.
I was triggered to made this post due to various recent media 'events', this 'crazy' 'news item' the final straw that broke the gimel's black (I link to old reddit theme because it is objectively better ):
Also, see recent threads:
Relevant numbers & links:
Also, perhaps relevant pings:
You might have noticed the game I've long played with the dots used for spacing and indenting lists of spells. They usually follow the pattern of:
  • ... (ie. 3, trinity, the Beatrice of the Matrix Code)
  • ... .. (ie. 32, life, Eve)
  • ... ... (ie. 33, magic, name, a life)
  • . .. ... (ie. 123, alphabetic codes, the ABC, initation)
  • ... .. . (ie. 321, countdown to church society)
  • ... .. .. (ie. 322, to know, the proof is counting)
  • .. .. ... (ie. 223, the law, chapter 1, the scale, goddess, Lucifer, the moon)
  • .. ... .. (ie. 232, scary, number, Satan)
  • ... .. ... (ie. 323, Lucifer, 1 Goddess)
  • ... .. .. ... (ie. 3223, the upward spiral, ascending the tower of babylon)
Sometimes the layout is thematically tied to the associated text.
  • . "Scary" = 232 primes
  • .. "Number" = 232 primes
  • ... "Tell All" = 232 primes
Wiki Index:
Chinese researcher accused of trying to smuggle vials of ‘biological material’ out of US hidden in a sock
Sweeping ban on semiautomatic weapons takes effect in New Zealand
  • "The Semiautomatic Rifle" = 232 basic alphabetic
  • ... "Bullet" = 232 primes
  • ... "Scary" = 232 primes
  • ... .. .. "Number" = 232 primes
  • ... "Scary" = 232 primes
  • ... .. .. "Satan" = 232 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .
  • "Semiautomatic Rifles" = 1776 trigonal
  • .
  • "The Semiautomatic Rifle" = 232 basic alphabetic
  • ... "Bullet" = 232 primes
  • ... "Number" = 232 primes
Bullet News Bulletsin Bullet points Bullet Bull ET Extraterrestrial Bull Bull God
  • "The Bull God" = 322 primes
EDIT: - moments later - :
Does anyone know what this symbol represents, it's familiar to me and puts of a very unique energy and I cannot place it
  • "unique energy" = 322 baconis | 522 primes ("the prime number" = 522 primes)
  • "(a) very unique energy" = 232 basic alphabetic | 2,247 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "very unique energy" = 2023 trigonal (ie. 223 with zephyr)
  • "the very unique energy" = 264 basic alphabetic ("Source" = 264 primes)
The golden ratio is 1.61(8...)
  • ... "unique energy" = 161 basic alphabetic
  • ... "unique energy" = 1601 english-extended
  • ... "unique energy" = 1061 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. "energizer" = 1061 english-extended
  • ... .. .. "unique energy" = 161 basic alphabetic | 322 baconis
  • .. .. ... "undercurrent" = 161 basic alphabetic | 322 baconis
  • .. .. ... "song of creation" = 161 basic alphabetic | 322 baconis
EDIT - again, next day (remembering that 'president' ~= 'count' ~= 'accountancy'):
I wrote here, a few days ago:
These are things we can imagine Alphabet Sages might desire to encode and honour - as much for a mnemonic purpose, as for teaching purposes, or for archiving [...] knowledge [...] or purely for the sake of esoterica itself (ie. wizard just likes math, or architecture, and thus honours math and arches, secretely in words using basic algebra and references to certain idioms and golden numbers. Wizard works for King, shows him tricks. King decrees new Bible edition, and new Dictionary version).
China orders Christians to rewrite the Bible for the era of President Xi
China orders Christians to rewrite the Bible for the era of President Xi
  • "Right the Bible" = 369 primes
  • "The Alphabet Code" = 369 primes
  • "Ritual Code" = 1,666 squares
  • "Aright the Bible" = 1,666 squares
  • "The Bible: 1 Right" = 1,666 squares
EDIT - next day again (Christmas Eve) -- re: bullets (first edit above)
How Do Bullets Work in Video Games?
Q&A(stronony) —
Lessons from scorching hot weirdo-planets
The first kind of exoplanet found, Hot Jupiters still perplex and captivate
from The Comte De Gabalis, discourse 1:
He found me to be of a tractable, inquiring, and fearless disposition. A dash of melancholy is lacking in me, else I would make all, who are inclined to blame the Comte de GABALIS for having concealed nothing from me, confess that I was a not unfit subject for the Occult Sciences. One cannot make great progress in them, it is true, without melancholy; but the little that I possess in no wise disheartened him. You have, he told me a hundred times, Saturn in an angle, in his own house, and retrograde; some day you cannot. fail to be as melancholy as a Sage ought to be; for the wisest of all men, as we learn in the Cabala, had like you Jupiter in the Ascendant, nevertheless so powerful was the influence of his Saturn, though far weaker than yours, that one cannot find proof of his having laughed a single time in all his life. The Amateurs must, therefore, find fault with my Saturn and not with the Comte de GABALIS, if I prefer to divulge their secrets rather than to practise them.
Photons are (almost) supreme —
Why I dislike what “quantum supremacy” is doing to computing research
  • "Photonics" = 119 | 47 reduced (ie. Orthodox, Foundation, Master Plan)
  • "Photonics" = 968 trigonal
  • "A+ Photonics" = 969 trigona (ie. Matrix Code)
Q: Light particles?
"A: Bits of Light" = 393 primes (ie. Bits of a Light )
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DogData a Rewarding platform for you and your Dog

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Best Scalping Platforms and Insturments for Comission Fees

hello everyone
i am practising my 1 minute chart trading patterns. it seems like i can be long term profitable according to my risk reward. (also i need to improve many things)
my main target is generally %0.10 when i trade and bitcoin comission is already %0.075
if i use 100x leverage on a %0.10 target, will i earn %10 gain minus %0.075 or just %2.5 gain after leverage?
also which insturments can i scalp for low comission fees? can i scalp on Robin hood?
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EveryCryptoCoin - Bitcoin Investing Best Practices - YouTube Bitcoin: Money of the Future  practice English with ... Bitcoin + Privacy - Best Practices For Beginners! Bitcoin Q&A: Key storage best practices - YouTube Trading Practice - YouTube

BitMEX (most popular margin platform in the world with a testnet to practise trading) Bitcoin Demo Trading Sites: Comparison. This comparison guide provides an overview of the best demo websites to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets without using real money. Each trading site is ranked based on the important factors such as beginner-friendliness, ease of use, number of crypto pairs and ... Some Bitcoin trading sites offer trading in Demo Mode for newbies – or a Demo Account, which is pretty much the same. Trading with play money helps you to understand the functionality of the platform and simply get used to using it. If you feel secure because you are familiar with placing orders and the way the system reacts and executes those orders, then you are ready to trade with your ... NOW AVAILABLE MASTER OF THE BOOKS. A guide to trading the order book, trading order depth and trading order flow. Three videos are linked within the guide, links to exclusive order depth/order flow websites are given, and an exclusive access code to a professional cryptocurrency trading community is attached as well. Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH. Practise trading CFD on bitcoin with an ADSS demo account. Since it was launched in 2009, the price of bitcoin has experienced great swings in value, growing from being worth around $0.003 in the first year to just under $20,000 at one point in 2017. As such a volatile cryptocurrency, it is important that traders are aware of the factors which affect its value and know how to trade bitcoin ...

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EveryCryptoCoin - Bitcoin Investing Best Practices - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Bitcoin Trading Challenge; Videos; Playlists; Community; Channels; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports ... This training video will go over the best practices of investing in Bitcoin. DISCLAIMER: All information and data in this video is for informational purposes... Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to keep all our educational content ad free :-) #bitcoin #ledger #trezor Click "SHOW MORE" below: ~~~~~ TO LISTEN EACH WEEK: https:... The program generates bitcoin addresses with private keys . generation takes place at a speed of up to tens , and if you have a more powerful computer, then hundreds of millions of addresses per ...